How to understand Minimalism in fashion

Is minimalistic fashion the key for a more satisfying and a sustainable lifestyle?

Some people would agree but what do you think? If you’re new to the topic or still trying to figure things out, stick around to find out more.

By now, most of us are aware about the climate change issues and the way these affect our planet and consequently, our lives. The focus on this topic turned attention on the industries that cause significant damage to the environment. If you love having a generous wardrobe and enjoying renewing it every season, you should probably know that fashion is the second largest polluter in the world. 

You may have heard about the so called sweatshops – working places where people operate under inhumane conditions, they are extremely crowded, poorly paid, work very long hours and often child labor is involved. These establishments are not only socially unacceptable but often illegal and have been the topic of several media scandals in the last years. 

Then there’s the water consumption, the waste accumulation, chemicals addiction, greenhouse emissions, soil degradation, desertification and the enormous quantities of microfibres that end up in the oceans. 

It’s not a pretty picture and it definitely makes you think twice before buying yet another dress or T-shirt like the other 10 you have in your closet. 

Unfortunately, it’s not only the fashion industry that embarked this train. The global push towards higher consumption and a thirst for cheaper and bad quality stuff can be observed in all the other industries. Cheap, fast and plenty became (willingly or not) the Bible of each entrepreneur on an increasingly competitive market.  

Inspired by the slow food industry, fashion decided to swing towards the minimalist trend. This trend developed as an alternative to the artificially fed need for consumption and it aims to focus on our actual needs and not on our cravings in the moment.

Multiple studies have now shown that an endless chase after more and more can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. We end up in an endless loop looking for the perfect colour, the perfect cut, the best price, the perfect product that has it all. 

If you can relate to this feeling and struggle with the increasing pressure to always buy stuff, know that you’re not alone. Even better, there are alternatives that can help you break the pattern and can give you mental and financial health long term. You can live a happier and more sustainable life while reducing your carbon footprint.

The alternative we chose to discuss today is minimalism. 

I first learned how to approach and apply minimalism in my life after I read Marie Kondo’s book: Magical Cleaning.

She opened my eyes to the deeper meaning the things that we surround ourself with can actually have to us if we know where to look for. Nobody likes cleaning up a lot and giving up on their collected items. We never learned how to actually keep our closets neat, how to organise our houses and ultimately, our lives.

Minimalism is about getting rid of the unnecessary, the things you buy in the heat of the moment, it’s about making you feel good not just for 5 or 10 minutes or a day, but long term. 

Minimalism teaches us to let go of the things that no longer bring us joy because they don’t  really resonate with the person we actually are and there is no connection. These things no longer serve us, on the contrary they take away our energy and quite often make us feel bad about ourselves. 

Minimalism teaches us to keep only the things we really need, use, love and that bring us joy. These things will always make us feel good about ourselves because they are in line with who we are. 

Ultimately, minimalism is a form of liberation and it can become a lifestyle. If you’re freaking out right now wondering whether should throw all your possessions out the window and never go shopping again, don’t :). 

As anything, minimalism takes practice, takes time and it takes getting used to. it’s a learning process. 

Making a change is always difficult. 

Making a change that goes against everything you have been taught and against everything everybody tells you is the norm, against the very definition of what the world considers to be acceptable or even cool, is way way harder. So be kind and patient to yourself, allow yourself time to learn and get used to and take things step by step.

If you want to give minimalism a try, you can start with fashion. Try making a selection of some items and see how that feels. You know what they say, the first step is the hardest. 

And of course if you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share, we’re here to listen and to help if we can. 

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