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Unatura(„company“) may modify or update the information enclosed in this document at any time. You should visit this page regularly in order to be aware of the current stipulations, as these are binding in the form presented here.

1. Rights:

The company allows the viewing and downloading of the information, product pictures, graphics, texts and logos (“content”) of this website solely for private, non-commercial use. You need the agreement of the company prior to copying any of this content, in compliance with intellectual property and copyright laws. The content of this website cannot be copied, duplicated, changed, broadcasted, used for commercial purposes or used in public without explicit, prior and written agreement from the company. The use of the content of this website on another website or a network of computers is prohibited. The content of this website is proprietary. The use of the content of this website can infringe on IP, copyright or other laws and might result in a termination of the right to use this website and to the obligation to erase any content saved, copied or downloaded. It might also result in legal pursuit.

2. Guarantee & liability:

The content of this website is made public without any guarantee. The company cannot be held accountable or liable for any incomplete, inaccurate or missing information. The company cannot be held accountable or liable for the intellectual property of third parties.

The company may modify or suppress any content at any time, without prior notice. The content on this website might be out-of-date. The company is not obliged to actualize the content. Some information on this website might be referring to products or services that might not be available in some countries. Users of this website are informed that they make use of the content put at their disposal at their own risk. The company and its suppliers or mentioned third parties cannot be made accountable or liable for eventual loss of information, data, missed revenue or delayed production). However, this doesn’t hold true in case of a deliberate act or if the situation falls under the jurisdiction of laws. If it ever happens that you need to repair, replace, correct or exchange your data or your hardware as a consequence of using this website, the company will not endorse any of the incurred costs.

All mentions of sources used on this website are thoroughly checked. The company cannot be held accountable or liable for the accuracy or the completeness of those sources.

3. Download of content / software:

The use of data, content or software downloaded from this website is subject to copyright and intellectual property laws. The use of this data, content or software for private use is allowed at the own risk of the user.

4. Transfers to this website:

Contents added or uploaded to this website by users (“transferred contents”) are considered as free of copyright or intellectual property and as non-confidential. The company cannot be held accountable or liable for such transferred contents. The company and its representatives have the right to reproduce, change, publish, broadcast and use such contents for non-commercial as well as for commercial purposes. It is forbidden to transfer illegal, threatening, insulting, calumnious, defaming, pornographic or culturally disrespectful contents to this website, as well as to broadcast such contents from this website.

5. Username and passwords:

Users are responsible for the protection of their passwords. The use of this website with a username and a password is allowed at the own risk of the user. Should a user suspect that his/her password might have been misused and/or stolen, he is to inform the company without any delay.

6. Links & affiliate links:

A. With regards to the external contents to which this website is linking, the author of those contents is solely accountable and liable for them. The company has no influence on the contents, updates, changes or inaccuracy of those links. The company doesn’t gain property of those links by linking to them and therefore cannot be held accountable or liable for any infringement of those links on laws or rights of third parties.

B. This website uses affiliate links, marked with “*”: this means that when the user clicks on one of these links, the owner of this website might get a small commission on eventual sales generated (within a defined number of days after clicking on the link. The number of days varies based on each link). Buying something through an affiliate link does not make the item more expensive for the user.

7. Others:

Upon using this website, the user is not released from his/her own due diligence, accountability or liability.

8. Applicable law:

This website is managed by the company and these regulations are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for any conflict is Berlin (location of the company). The company doesn’t state whether the contents of this website are appropriate and/or legal to access from any other country than Germany. Hence access from any other country is only allowed at the own risk of the user. The user himself / herself is accountable and liable for respecting the local regulations and laws from his/her own country.

9. Privacy policy & cookies:

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: This website uses Google Analytics, a web-based analysis tool by Google Inc.We may collect information about your computer (including your IP address, operating system or browser type) and how you engage with our website (visit dates, duration, what you purchased…) in order to create reports and improve our website, and for Google to serve you relevant ads on the internet in case you are opted in (so-called “re-targeting”). The statistical data that we collect, which is about browsing actions and patterns, does not allow us to identify individuals. It is anonymous. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to track users’ interactions with our website. Those cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer. You can opt out of Google Analytics without any effect on your user experience on our website. This can be done via a setting in your internet browser. For more information, visit this Google page. MAILCHIMPWe use the online platform Mailchimp as out provider for e-mailing and list management. The form that you fill in (on our website or social channels) when registering to receive our newsletter is in accordance with the E.U. regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.), applicable as of May 25th, 2018. You can un-register from the newsletter at any time, by clicking the link at the end of each newsletter, and your data will be erased. BLOGFOSTERFor the purpose of analysing and improving our online offering (Art.6 §1 of the DSGVO or GDPR), we use Blogfoster Insights. It is an analysis tool by Blogfoster GmbH, Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin, Germany. We may collect and store the following data: visits, unique visitors, shortened IP-Addresses. The data to analyse is anonymous. Blogfoster Insights uses Cookies to track users’ interactions with our website. Those cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer. You can opt out at any time in the settings of your internet browser.

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