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We love to create UNIQUENESS!

Our mission is to light up your heart with apparel that speak to your soul!

You are one with nature…UNAtura…

We love to collect leftovers of raw fabrics from all the countries we regularly visit and give new life to exquisite pieces that make you stand out!  We, after use their surfaces as canvas for our hand painted decorations! The beauty of life and nature inspires our painted patterns!

We care about our environment so we select the ‘ingredients’ carefully without hurry and with a lot of love for details.

We care about people and we like to give back, be ethical and fair, our designer comes from Romania and our sewer from Ukraine.

UNATURA brings music to your appearance, a symphony of colors, good vibes and  good feelings will accompany you day by day.  Whether at the office, at the cocktail party, on the street, in the kitchen or enjoying your vacation we take care of your image with the right items.

Let your clothes speak your unique language and don’t be afraid to be noticed and express YOUrself!

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We are a small manufacturing atelier in Stuttgart. Everything we produce is whether a unique piece or a part of a very small series, max 5 pieces, that we create from the ‘leftovers’, last few meters of fabric usually not desired anymore in the different textile shops we visit around Europe. No mass production, no polyester just statement pieces that speak to our soul made out of the finest fabrics.


We can deliver in whole Europe.