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We love to create UNIQUENESS!

Of course it is the woman who wears the clothes,

        but she also knows that the clothes carry the woman!


We love to manufacture unique pieces,

which express your feeling of being well and appropriately dressed.

Our products aim to support you choose your own style.



One of our passions is to upcycle  raw and natural fabrics

from different places we visit around Europe.


These first class natural textiles are the quality basis of our production.

   Some of them are the canvas for our hand-painted unique pieces.

The motifs are inspired by the beautiful side of nature.


  In our balance between wants and needs

we select the fabrics of our production carefully

without hurry and with a lot of love for detail,

so our work leaves the smallest possible mark on nature.



We care about people and we like to give back, be ethical and fair.

 Our pieces are sewed by a war refugee from Ukraine and even

if she can not speak English nor German, the language is not a barrier here.


   Unatura wants to support you, to live in harmony with your environment and to appreciate to be part of nature.

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We run a small manufacturing atelier in Stuttgart.

Our address is: Heinestrasse 81, 70597, Stuttgart.

For the period between: 01.04.2024-31.07.2024

you can find us in our pop-up store in the


Schmal Strasse 9, 70173,Stuttgart


We are happy to receive your visit!

Please come by and check our unique items!

Everything we produce is whether a unique piece from an upcycled fabric or from a painting on a silk canvas!

Statement pieces created out of passion to speak to our hearts!


We deliver in UE.