What you think         you become

                                     What you feel          you attract

                                     What you imagine  you create


       This journey started in 2014.  Always trying to learn how to appreciate a healthy balance between needs and wishes I was searching for that perfect dress meeting my expectations on design, quality and price.

   Not a single one of the sources in my hometown Stuttgart in southern Germany could fulfill my expectations.  So, what other options were available?

Since I was a child I could vividly, colorfully visualize how my clothes would look like.  The fabrics and the patterns inspired me irresistibly, creating attractive mind movies based on different possibilities of turning them into beautiful garment articles.

   The idea that I could actually craft my own clothes and decide about every single detail in the process became a bright shining place in my thoughts.

   To start the process of learning the skills of tailoring I found the sewing school of Silke Hampel in Stuttgart, Die Rote Zora, where I enjoyed three years of education.  Then I had the opportunity to continue my learning path in the atelier of Sylke Seltmann in Ludwigsburg, a town near Stuttgart.

   These lovely ladies were such a great help and inspiration that I cannot recommend them enough for anyone who is interested to embark in such a demanding adventure.

   After six years of learning and gaining routines, I sew a good proportion of my own clothes and also a lot for my son and my girlfriends.

   Having reached a professional level of the sewing handcraft the next part of my journey was to find ways that bring my design ideas to reality.

Isn’t a big part of life just learning and learning and … ?

   The lovely Quincy at Qeffectz in Nigeria, which does everything from sewing to professional pattern drafting for the fashion industry, introduced me to the craft of using CAD techniques for pattern production.

   For learning the aesthetic aspects of pattern design I found a great source in the online courses of Lupe Gajardo.

Now I felt myself prepared to start my own manufacture.

In the photo you seethe cute little atelier (which used to be my storage room):


The cute and tiny “atelier”!!!

   Unatura was born.


   I use high quality fabrics made of natural fibers from leftover textile rolls that are too short for industrial production.  Thus I can offer affordable quality clothing available to women with individual and personal tastes and needs, for women with conscience for their own look.

              Of course it is the woman who wears the clothes,

            but she also knows that the clothes carry the woman.

   Thank you for showing interest in the development and attitude of Unatura.

I leave you, at the end in the company of my three strongest influences:

           Jill Sander jilsander.com/en-us/home

             the queen of less

             for her priestin reduced style

           Bianca Popp  biancapopp.com

             my favorite Romanian designer

             with her unmistakable Asian influences

           Azzedine Alaïa   maison-alaia.com/de

             the king of tailoring

             a true visionary

             he took our craft to a next level