Our clothes mirror our believes and values!

In the search for new ways to share our vision of esthetics the idea to use our daily wear as an artistic self-expression come to surface!

What we want to produce is more than just clothes but an atmosphere, which is unique, fresh and always reinventing.


We don’t like to follow fashion trends, but we enjoy playing with shapes and discover new depths.

UNAtura does not make a loud marketing campaign, our quality speaks for itself,
we promote minimal use of resources.

We prefer to invest our timein developing great designs rather than chasing followers on Instagram :).

Independent women

We want to speak to women who resonate with us, are always curios, like to try new things, look for freedom and adventure!

She does not settle for less, is financially stable and loves to stand out!

Unatura is not a business, is a passion for beauty, nature and everything that makes us one of a kind!


<<hand made all the way>>

<<happy workers – see our story to learn more about us>>

<<unique designs, hand painting>>

<<custom made, we let you customize your own size>>


<<fair prices, quality products>>

<<slow fashion, no mass production>>

<<no fake ‘sales’>>

<<no loud marketing, we promote our self through our products and…>>

<<‘give away’ campaigns for causes we believe it, check out insta to find out more>>


<<no waste, reuse most of our leftovers and use mainly leftovers from others>>

<<no polyester and plastic in our products/packages>>

<<only natural materials>>

<<we donate 5% of our profit to the iplantatree.org every year>>