Live true to your nature and find freedom in your wardrobe

Every woman stood at least once in front of a closet full of clothes, in despair and disappointment claiming that she has absolutely nothing to wear!

What if I told you, that there is a way to never feel that way again? And it’s not even that complicated or that expensive.

There is a secret to creating a wardrobe that brings you joy and makes you feel proud, chic and always well-dressed, a wardrobe that always “has your back”. Invited to an impromptu party? No problem! Business dinner with an important client? No problem! Pool party with your friends? You got it!

And no, the secret is not to buy all clothes on the market and rent a warehouse to keep them, it’s way easier.

The first thing you should do is pay close attention to your shopping habits. How do you buy clothes? When do you buy them? Do you buy each piece by turns or do you buy in bulk? How do you decide what to buy and what not to buy? What drives your decision? Do you take your time when buying or do you buy impulsively? And last but not least, do you actually wear the clothes you’re buying or do you abandon most of them in the back of your closet while you keep wearing the same 5-6 pieces you are comfortable with?

When you answer these questions, make sure you’re completely honest. This will help you figure out why your wardrobe isn’t as you wish it were and it will help you figure out what you need to change in order to stop making choices that do not make you happy. 

Once you’ve figured that out you can start changing your habits, bit by bit, don’t expect this to happen overnight. 

The secret to a fully functional and authentic wardrobe is to pay close attention when choosing each item. Pick items that are versatile, items that can be worn in different ways and that can be matched with different styles. 

Before buying a new piece, do a quick inventory of the items you already have in your closet and try to put everything in the proper context.

Of course the easiest way to achieve a maximum symbiosis in your closet is if the pieces have a classic cut or a timeless design and there is a good mix between basic items and statement pieces. But whatever is basic for you can be different for somebody else that is why you should always consider your personal unique style. 

If you enjoy bright colours go for that even when the Scandinavian nude colours are the latest trend. If you love ruffles even though fashion magazines say they are out of fashion, go for it.  You can trust your intuition and honour your body, this will guide you to the best style for you, your own. Fashion can reveal many layers of our personality so do not be afraid to be playful and authentic when choosing your wardrobe. Clothes look best on people when they truly enjoy wearing them, they feel comfortable and confident while doing it. 

At Unatura we treasure freedom more that anything and is important for us to make clothes that are versatile on one hand but give you the freedom to create your own uniqueness also.

Another aspect is to keep things practical and look at the big picture. Most of the clothes we find in mass consumption stores aren’t the best quality. They are designed to last a season and most will deteriorate after you wear them and wash them a few times, so you will be forced to renew your wardrobe every season. You may be under the impression that you buy cheap and you’re making a good deal. However, when you buy cheap, what you get is usually cheap. In the long run if you keep buying on and on, the budget you actually invest in clothes is way bigger than what you may think. The alternative is to buy good quality pieces that you love and that will stay with you for many years even if they come at a higher price when you buy them. You can look at it as a long term investment. You can have 10 timeless items in your wardrobe that you can combine in various ways and that will allow you to pull off a stunning outfit regardless of the situation.

Unatura loves planet Earth. That is why we promote minimal resources consumption and discourage the overconsumption century trend. We not only encourage you to embark on this journey but promise to be right beside you every step of they way. The materials we use will definitely last way more than one season and the cuts will look great on you because they will be designed especially for your body. We will help you choose items that will fit you and that will fit the other items in your wardrobe on the long term in many different occasions. 

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